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 Bridging the gap between invention and innovation 



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Founded in 1991 as an initiative by the University of Coimbra, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) – Association for Innovation and Development in Science and Technology – is a non-profit private institution for public benefit. "It promotes innovation and the transfer of technology, establishing the interface between the scientific and technological system and the production sector."


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IPNlas is one of the laboratories of IPN, being one of the laboratories founders, where are developed projects in partnership with companies, the community and entities of the public domain. IPN answers to concrete subjects and find solutions for problems on different subjects such as Automation, Robotics, Image Analysis and Instrumentation, including Medical Imaging and Instrumentation.





 Human Capital on benefit of technological innovation 




IPNlas is one of the founders laboratories of IPN. IPNlas develop projects in partnership with companies and entities in the public domain, through the activities of technology transfer, consultancy and stimulate the creation of spin-off companies.

The activities of IPNlas are a result of collaboration between researchers from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC), Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) and the University of Coimbra.

The strategic areas of IPNlas are:
- AAL (Ambient Assisted Living), Health and Quality of Life;
- Mobility of People and Goods;
- Environmental Monitoring.


 Aims and Goals

- Internationalization by creating and strengthening partnerships with other entities within the European Commission.
- Maintain or increase the number of projects, through the promotion of partnerships with other laboratories or organizations.
- Strengthen the team of employees in IPNlas to strengthen their capacities through training.
- Structure and organize the internal operation of the laboratory, in order to improve and support their activities.
- Increasing consulting activities, particularly in the area of automation and energy.
- Launch specialized training in electrical engineering, energy, robotics and image processing.



 Promoting Technological Innovation 



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 Tecnological innovation on benefit of the society 



Services and solutions

The major priority of IPNlas is that all the technology developed is easily endogenized in companies, both in national and international level.
This priority is a consequence of our position in the business, we want to ensure that all technology is easily integrated into a company and to be capitalized on this market.

We obtain results that easily apply to situations of day-to-day, which is a positive result of the research and commitment of our team.



Importants outcomes

IPNlas promotes ideas, thoughts, and open research processes, in order to improve product development, promoting better services to customers, increase efficiency and improve the added value.

IPNlas promotes open innovation, referring to a open flow, in which resources easily moves between the company and the market.
IPNlas incorpore joint efforts of internal initiatives to the organization, and possible outsourcing, and combining multiple inputs coming from the external environment during the design process and product development.



 To promote our technology 

Attendance at events

The IPNlas regularly participates in related to various cross-sectional areas and technological innovation nationally and internationally events. It is fundamental to not only participate in strand dissemination of results, progress made and projects but as well as collating information from other institutions and companies.

By participating in workshops, lectures, exhibitions, we keep ourselves updated and self-promote ourself.


Our Events and contribute

Our vocation is to stimulate public with our cross-sectional areas through workshops and information campaigns.

We try to serve as triggers to areas that are important and interesting in the future, involving both academia and the business sector.





 Keep us in the crest of the wave 



Continuous Training

IPN focuses its efforts on high level continuous training, directed at the increasing number of professionals seeking actualization in new technological domains that have emerged or evolved since their initial training, at preparation of specialized technicians, at qualification of unemployed graduates and also, linked to its activities in the creation and incubation of technology-based companies, training directed at young entrepreneurs.

This training activity is based in a strong connection to the University of Coimbra and other R&D institutions, and to the network of companies that collaborate regularly with IPN, covering complementary training areas and profiles.





 Better infrastructures for more productivity 


 LAS is constituted with 3 laboratories and one showroom.

In the laboratories (at the 1st floor), all employers are installed in specific work Island, taking in count the technical area and the project. All of them have a good solar exposition and air conditioner.


Showroom is located on 0 floor and aims to serve as a venue for all the meetings (including Weekly Staff Meeting) and demonstrator of technologies developed in the Laboratory. It is currently being developed a project that will transform the Showroom also to a small Assisted Living Lab (retaining all previous features).





 Financial support to achieve our goals 



Importance of Funding Sources

The main objective of co-financing is to support productive investment for innovation, entrepreneurship, R & D and the use of intangible factors of competitiveness.

The co-financing serves as a business tool and as a way to support the development of new technologies. With this funding will leverage the companies to hire IPNlas bringing new capabilities of the company when acquiring new technologies. Thus IPNlas ensures the development of technology and the company will ensure endogenization technology market.



So funding will facilitate:
- Support business;
- More research;
- Creation of new solutions and innovations.

In consequence:
- Endogeneisation technologies;
- Creation of new solutions on the market.



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